Welcome to Faith & Family  Home Help Services

Providing Quality Care to our Elderly and Disabled Populations


Less work! We take care of all administrative responsibilities including phone calls, e-mails, scheduling, and more.  At Faith & Family, we work directly with the employees at the State of Michigan to ensure a swift and efficient application process.

Participation in the Hiring Process

We allow clients to choose their own caregiver and will employ that person as long as a background check is passed. If the client prefers to have someone new, we take his or her preferences into consideration and give the client the opportunity to approve a new hire before work begins.

Direct Access

Because we are a family-owned small business, clients have direct access to the ownership and decision makers of the organization. We are family and we treat our clients as such.

Peace of Mind

Clients are backed by a company that truly cares about their well-being. We advocate for our clients to ensure that they get approved for the services they really need. Clients have peace in knowing that we have their best interest at heart and will do all it takes to ensure their satisfaction.

We truly have faith that quality of care increases quality of life